Saturday, February 23

performance athletes

one year ago, dad and i ran the cowtown 5k together.  at the time, running was a bonding activity for the two of us - running together on weekday mornings, and also running with a training group on saturday mornings.  it served the dual purpose of helping both of us get in shape, as well as distracting me from those first painful months.  the 5k last year was dad's first race, ever.  i was a wanna-be runner with several 5k's under my belt, plus a ragnar relay.  i continued to run and train for my second ragnar relay, but when i discovered crossfit last summer, running as a form of exercise (other than the 200, 400, 600m runs as part of warm-ups and wods) kind of fell by the wayside.

this morning, dad and i ran our second cowtown.  since last year, dad has become quite the hard-core runner.  he kicked it up a notch this year and completed his first 10k... in 57 minutes and 31 seconds.  yeah, i know.  it's kind of awesome.  i ran with the 5k crowd... in 33 minutes and 21 seconds.  a new personal record.  i'm kind of proud of myself.  i actually ran the first 2 miles without stopping, and then my shoelace came untied, so i lost a little bit of my momentum.  for the last mile i kept on running, but had to power-walk it every so often.  every time i slowed down, though, there was this voice in my head that sounded a lot like c.f.giles, yelling "PICK UP THE BAR!" yeah, that happened.

we have a joke at home that dad, because of all his hard-core running, is now a "performance athlete." with my new 5k time, mom has granted me the title of "performance athlete," too. fantastic.



"if you have a body, you are an athlete."

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