Saturday, February 16


ceremony date and time = confirmed
reception location = reserved
dress = ordered
honeymoon = booked

about a bajillion other details = pending

according to my handy wedding countdown app, there are 119 more days until m and i tie the knot.  whenever someone asks me how planning is going, i just kind of mumble, "oh, you know..." and then trail off, hoping that they don't press me for more details.  two weeks ago, my parents and i had a meeting with the reception event planner, and she kept on asking questions to which i had no helpful responses.  

"what are your colors?" "ummm, blue?"
"will you be wanting a head table?" "ummm, no?"
"do you want black, white or gold charger plates?" "ummm, none of the above?"
"what kind of centerpieces are you thinking about?" "ummm, pretty ones?"
"what are your thoughts on food?" "ummm, i like food?"
"what are you planning for music?" "ummm, an ipod?"

i know it will all come together, i do. but when i start i thinking about everything still left to be done and decided, m's recurring suggestion that we just elope to the temple sounds more and more appealing.  as long as i can make it to spring break (3 weeks!), i know everything will be okay.  hopefully, most of the bajillion pending details will be taken care of during those glorious five days off from school.

another reason to be excited for spring break: there will only be double-digits left on my countdown app. woot, woot.

ps: ily, m.

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