Saturday, November 17

give thanks, day 17

it's been a crazy few days. before i get to today's list, let me catch-up a bit...

day 15: i am grateful for hugs from someone you haven't seen in a while. even if "a while" is only two days.

day 16: i am grateful for my students. i truly do love them. however, i'm really excited to have a week-long break from them. i think we both need it.

and now, today's list. 17 things.

i am grateful for sleeping in my own bed. there have been a few friday nights that i have fallen asleep on the downstairs couch. several hours later, i wake up with a sore neck and a sore back. after dragging myself upstairs, i love quite literally crashing into my own bed for the remainder of the night-time hours.

i am grateful for (sort-of) sleeping in. i realize that 8:00am is not really considered "sleeping in" by normal standards, but when you wake up at 5ish everyday of the week, it feels like heaven.

i am grateful for wall balls and push-ups. because what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right? right?!

i am grateful for ponytails. it's been years since i have been able to put my hair back in a real ponytail. i still have a little ways to go until all my hair is long enough, but for now i think i am rockin' the pony quite nicely.

i am grateful that i am my mother's daughter. other's may say i have a problem, but i absolutely love cleaning and organizing. i think taking everything out of closet and then putting it all back together is one of my favorite weekend activities. momma taught her daughter well.

i am grateful for short nails. while i can grow my nails out really long, i love cutting them down really short. short nails make life so much easier.

i am grateful for new nail polish. found 2 new colors today (thanks, gpn, for the recommendation!). can't wait to get a pedicure next week.

i am grateful for my precious. she and i have so much fun together.

i am grateful for running errands. i love crossing things off my to-do list. makes me feel very productive.

i am grateful for back-up watches. i dropped my watch yesterday on the tile floor. when i went to fossil to send it in for repair, they told me it will be 4-6 weeks. the thought of not having a working watch for 4-6 weeks makes me hyperventilate just a little bit. i cannot function without a watch. thankfully, i have a back-up. crisis averted.

i am grateful for cool, crisp fall weather. and speaking of cold weather...

i am grateful for hand lotion. my hands are already starting to feel like they've gone 2 rounds in the ring without wraps. lotion is my saving grace during the fall/winter.

i am grateful for lazy saturdays. any day in which i can do as little as possible is a great day.

i am grateful for the shuffle option. my favorite way to listen to music these days.

i am grateful for chelsea pizza. so yummy. thanks, m, for making me a believer.

i am grateful for saturday evenings on the couch. i really do love going out and doing things, but some weekends i love bundling up in a blanket and escaping to never, neverland in front of the tv.

i am grateful for eggnog. i don't know how they do it, but it's delicious.

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