Sunday, September 18

My Precious

I am nothing if not brand loyal.  I only drink Dasani water.  I've worn Asics running shoes for the past 5 years.  I prefer Dove body wash.  I own an insane amount of Apple products.  I only shop for books at Barnes & Noble.  Crest toothpaste.  James Avery jewelry.  Sony televisions.  Oakley sunglasses.  I know which products I like and I will stick with them until personal experience gives me a reason not to.

Six years ago I had the opportunity to lease my very first vehicle.  Dad was there, helping me every step of the way, explaining the jargon and numbers.  I was happy with my decision and excited to drive what I thought was a one-time vehicle - a Toyota Tacoma Truck.  I believe my thought process at the time was something along the lines of "I'm young, I have no responsibilities other than school, so I'll have fun with this car, but my next car will be something more serious and practical."

Fast forward three years.  My lease is up, it's time to turn in the car, so what I do get?  Another Toyota Tacoma Truck.  Once again, Dad was there to help me navigate my way through the lingo and prices.

Fast forward yet another three years to yesterday.  The lease on Leona is up, it's time to turn her in, so what do I get?  Another Toyota Tacoma Truck.  But this time I did it all by myself.  Yes, Dad was on speed dial, but I think I did a good job of channeling Dad's business polite sternness and got a pretty good deal on a brand new truck.  Yes, I am my father's daughter.

So, there you have it.  Six years, three trucks, all Tacomas.  I am a business marketing professional's dream come true.

The Red Tacoma (I don't think it had a name) went with me to Los Angeles and The Grey Tacoma (aka Leona) went with me to Austin.

 And after much debate and consideration (actually, it was a two-minute conversation with Mom), I've finally decided on a name for my new Tacoma.... MY PRECIOUS.  Or, you know, just PRECIOUS for short.
(This only makes sense if you know that I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings.  It's supposed to be funny.  Not creepy.)

She's so shiny!  She still needs running boards and some personal touches, but I am pretty pumped about my new ride.  I'm even more pumped about being able to make monthly payments on my new ride.  Weird, I know, but monthly payments means I have a full-time job.  And a full-time job means I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to be receiving a steady paycheck.  And a steady paycheck means I can make monthly car payments.

And I realize that one of these years necessity might actually require me to get a "more serious and practical" vehicle, but you better believe that you will have to pry the keys out of my kung-fu grip before I willingly drive anything other than a Tacoma.  (Exceptions include Audi R8 and Lexus IS.)

Loyalty, My Precious.  Loyalty.

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