Wednesday, November 14

give thanks, day 14

14 things.

i am grateful for 5 am wake-up texts.  so much more effective than the 3 alarms i set for myself each morning.

i am grateful for morning workouts.  i'm definitely feeling this morning's wod (quads and traps are not very happy with me), but i love exercising in the am.  sets a nice, energetic tone for the rest of the day.

i am grateful for scantron assessments.  i don't give many scantron-type assignments or tests, but when i do, boy howdy!  grading has never been so easy!

i am grateful for students who turn their work in on-time.  they make my life so much less stressful. now if only the rest of their peers would get on board...

i am grateful for understanding students.  when asked today by a student why we don't do certain things in my spanish class, i answered, "because sometimes i fail at life.  if i only taught spanish classes - and not all 4 english classes, plus 3 levels of spanish - i would be able to do things much better."  the student replied, "you don't fail at life.  you succeed.  it's called being human."

i am grateful for free salads.  buy 6 salads, get 1 free.  i get a lot of free salads.

i am grateful for overheard conversations.  they make me laugh.  for example: "that's why i stay away from all that facebook crap." truer words, my friend.

i am grateful for really cheesy jokes.  q: how does moses get his tea?  a: hebrews it.  bwahahaha!

i am grateful for visiting teaching.  i love getting to know and talking with the women of our ward.  they make me smile.  and since i know she will be reading this - yes, i'm referring to you, ggp.  love you.

i am grateful for this lyric: "like pretty girls need cowboys, i need you here tonight."  it's been running through my head for a week now.  love.

i am grateful for cashews. no explanation needed.

i am grateful for reminders that i should be thankful for the good, instead of complaining about the bad.

i am grateful for only 2 more days of school until turkey day break.

i am grateful that in one week, i'll be in az with my favorite people.


  1. wait a minute--you have favorite people in AZ? what about OR and UT and, yes,MN?

    1. Oh, Mary. You know my real favorite people are in OR, UT, and yes, MN, but I don't want the others to be jealous. Gotta spread the love :)