Sunday, November 18

give thanks, day 18

18 things.

i am grateful for morning cuddles with the cat.  i know i complain about her, but sometimes bailey baby is kind of fun to have around.

i am grateful for reminders of graduation.  today i wore the watch mom gave me for my BYU graduation and the ring she gave me for my UT graduation.  it's nice to remember that i've accomplished quite a bit in the past decade.

i am grateful for my favorite hymn: because i have been given much.  been my favorite hymn for as long as i can remember.

i am grateful for scarves.  i have more than i know what to do with, but i guess i love having options.  plus, they keep me warm in cold buildings.

i am grateful for the opportunity to teach sunday school.  with only a 30-minute notice, i taught gospel doctrine today.  i forgot how much i love preparing gospel lessons.

i am grateful for ipads.  the aforementioned sunday school lesson was made possible by the lds scriptures app and evernote.

i am grateful for sunday school class discussions.  having discussions with members at church is so much easier than trying to have discussions with teenagers at school.

i am grateful for the book of mormon.  i know it is truly another testament of jesus christ.

i am grateful for leftover pizza.  lunch and dinner today.  yum.

i am grateful for no school tomorrow.  i can't remember the last time i had such a stress-free sunday.  loved it.

i am grateful for anthropologie.  if i only had a $1 million, the damage i could do at that store...

i am grateful for melissa s.  for many reasons, yes, but tonight the reason is because she is the one that first introduced me to the holiday.  ohmylife, i love that movie.  and i love her, of course.

i am grateful for the holiday instrumental soundtrack.  one of my all-time favorites.

i am grateful for evening visits from my favorite person.

i am grateful for unexpected text messages from dear friends.

i am grateful for book recommendations from students.  last week i had 2 students give me books to read over the break.  makes my heart happy that they are reading on their own and want to share what they've read with me.

i am grateful for an organized closet.  give it a few weeks and it'll be a disaster zone again,  but for now my ocd tendencies have been satisfied.

i am grateful for bedtime.  i passed mine about an hour ago.  night, night!

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