Friday, April 13

correspondence 4

dear 5:30 morning run w/ dad,
i will probably continue to moan and groan about getting up before the rest of the world, but secretly i kind of love you.

dear sydney bristow,
i forgot how BA you are.  so excited to re-experience all 5 seasons of your disguises, wigs, international adventures and all-around awesomeness.

dear anthro,
i don't play tennis, but ohmylife, i really want to buy this tote.  i expect i'll lose all willpower and be adding it to my collection soon.

dear friday jeans-day,
the simple act of putting on jeans in the morning to go to work puts a smile on my face.  thank you.

dear 10-yr. old black boots,
you're old, you're big, you're clunky and i love you.

dear students,
on monday, we will be having a little talk about integrity and character.  and also a discussion on why plagiarism and cheating is wrong.  seriously.  it's gotta stop.

dear big bang theory
love ya. bazinga!

dear ks, hg & rr,
so. excited. for. ragnar.  it's going to be a blast.

dear pizza,
i think you are my favorite food.  ever.

dear z,
i thought about you this week while listening to a favorite song from back in the day.  the flood of memories of course brought tears to my eyes, but i realized that i was also smiling.  it's the first time i've really smiled and felt comfort when something has reminded me of you.  the pain is still there, but it's slowly moving to the back of my heart to make room for peace and happiness.  miss you, bud.

much love,

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