Saturday, January 21

challenge accepted.

last year, i did something insane called the ragnar relay: wasatch back.  and by insane, i mean insanely awesome.

this year, i've agreed to participate in the insanity once more.

last year, my 3 legs of the relay race were hard, but not too terrible.  runner #8 = 3.4 + 7.0 + 5.9 = 16.3 miles.

this year, i've apparently lost my mind.  runner #6 = 6.9 + 8.1 + 3.1 = 18.1 miles.

the 6.9 mile leg?  a "knee-jarring descent" into the ogden valley. categorized as "very hard."

the 8.1 mile leg? a "difficult uphill climb" into east canyon reservoir.  also categorized as "very hard."

and i can only imagine that by the 3.1 mile leg, i'll be borderline catatonic.

last year, superstar runner brother chris was runner #6.  i am not a superstar runner.  yet.

in light of recent sad events in my life, i've realized that i need something to occupy my time, thoughts and feelings.  i need a goal, a challenge.

ragnar relay: wasatch back 2012 is my new challenge.  bring. it. on.

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  1. Wow, girl. More power to ya. I could never pull that off. Running and me do not mix!