Sunday, April 8

happy easter weekend.

decorated easter sugar cookies with a friend.  consumed many of the aforementioned cookies. happy friday night.

slept through the alarm and woke up at 9am.  happy saturday morning.

cleaned the house.  put on running clothes and "ran" errands.  picked up mom and dad from the airport.  finally went grocery shopping.  happy saturday afternoon.

went to an easter party at a friend's house.  asked personal and awkward questions by a precocious 9 yr. old girl ("how old are you? are you married yet? do you have a boyfriend?").  battled a group of children for time on the trampoline.  tossed around a football with a sweet little girl who can spiral the ball like a pro. had a sing-a-long with friends at the piano. happy saturday evening.

attended church services this morning.  sang in a trio during sacrament meeting.  sat with mom during sunday school.  bore my testimony during young women. happy sunday morning.

prepared a lovely easter dinner with dad as my sous chef (honey-baked ham, summer corn cakes, caprese salad, and carrot & zucchini bars with lemon cream cheese frosting). happy sunday afternoon.

finally organized my study and tackled the pile of papers that have been sitting on the floor for the past three months.  currently enjoying a journey to middle earth (i seem to spend a lot of time there.  should i be worried?).  happy sunday evening.

grateful to friends and family who love me and support me.  grateful to my Heavenly Father for the plan of salvation.  grateful to my Savior for His atoning sacrifice.  happy easter weekend.

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