Sunday, October 9

other somethings...

i've come to a realization.  as soon as you find something to be sad or upset about, heaven will make sure another something is placed in your path to turn your frown upside down.  in the past week, these are some of the "other somethings" that have made me happy...

  1. sharing an inside joke with a co-worker
  2. college football
  3. staring contests with little babies
  4. driving around in my truck
  5. new music (courtesy of mayday parade and needtobreathe)
  6. an hour-long telephone conversation with a new friend
  7. participating in the baptismal service for an 8-year old child
  8. going to bed at 9:30 pm
  9. being nice to salespeople
  10. students telling me that i'm their favorite teacher
  11. rainy days
  12. text message from dad in london
  13. being able to tell a parent their student is wonderful
  14. having my gas tank filled for free
  15. jeans day at work
  16. getting to know the families in my ward
  17. laughing with a friend about the awkwardness of dating
  18. sharing books with students and friends
  19. telephone call from sister
  20. a chance meeting with an old college friend
that last "other something" just happened tonight.  she's one of my favorite people from my byu days.  we hadn't seen each other in 3 years.  seeing her and talking and laughing about the roller-coaster ride our lives have been since graduation made my heart so happy.  and it was yet another confirmation to me that heavenly father knows me personally.  he knows i needed to see her tonight.  he knows i needed her hugs.  he knows.  he knows me and he knows you.  he knows that we have good days and bad days.  he knows what we need in order to make the good outweigh the bad.  if we are humble, we will be able to recognize those little gifts of happiness - the "other somethings" - he puts in our life.  those little gifts are clear expressions of his love and concern for each of his children here on earth.

thank you, erin, for being my "other something" tonight.

(just to clarify, erin's sitting on top of the counter.  really.  i'm not that short.)

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  1. oh goodness. i am just pleased as a peach that last night happened. and i cannot wait to see more you! you are wonderful!