Sunday, October 9


i invited some friends over last night to watch the rangers play in game 1 of the alcs.  a good friend brought a date with her.
he has red hair and a charming smile.  he's 4.  and he's adorable.
  despite all of the rain delays, we had a very entertaining evening watching this little fireball play with legos and tinker toys and make trains and build a corral for his farm animals and talk about his trip to the zoo and attempt to say "hakuna matata"and wander around the house looking for the cat.  and my favorite part is that he called me "miss katie."

i love little people.  and i am constantly amazed at the mothers (and fathers) who raise the little people.  as exhausted as i am after teaching 75 teenagers all day, it's nothing compared to raising just 1 little person, let alone 2 or 3 or 6 little people.
can't wait.

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  1. he won't stop talking about going to miss katie's house.