Sunday, April 5

"Why seek ye the living among the dead?"

Baby J is thisclose to crawling.  Any day now, he's going to start motoring all over the place - the beginning of the end, I'm told.  As I watch him, though, I see his frustration in his inability to coordinate both arms and legs.  For all his efforts, he is still stuck in the same spot, unable to move forward or backward.  It hurts my heart to hear his cries of distress and disappointment.

As I reflect on the importance of this Easter Sunday, I know that I am very much like my baby boy.  There are many things that I am trying to do - or would like to do - in order to be a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, follower of Christ.  Yet I am unable to coordinate my motivation, my time, my energy and my circumstances to actually accomplish my righteous desires.  I feel stuck, static and stagnant.  But just as my baby's tears do not go unheard or unanswered, I know that my cries of distress and disappointment do not go unnoticed by my Heavenly Father.

I know that my prayers are heard because I know that Jesus Christ is my mediator with the Father.  I know that He is my advocate, my friend and my greatest support.  He knows my frustrations and my heartaches.  He also knows my joys and my triumphs.  All of my weaknesses and shortcomings will be made strong through His atonement.  I know He suffered and died for my sins and my sorrows.

And I know He lives today.

My favorite account of that resurrection morning is found in Luke 24:5-6.  When the disciples found the empty tomb, two angels made this powerful statement:

"Why seek ye the living among the dead?  He is not here, but is risen."

I know that through Jesus Christ, I will live again after this mortal life.  I know that I will be reunited with family and friends.  And I know that my little family that M and I have started in this life will be together forever.

To learn more about the Savior, please visit this link to watch a special Easter message from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. #BecauseHeLives

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