Monday, July 8

confessions of a summer housewife

23 days and still married.  yay!

as i have been putting away and organizing the house, fringe has been my background noise.  halfway through season 2.  forgot how much i love that show.

speaking of the house, it's finally coming together.  should be ready for guests thursday, late. or friday. or sometime in november. (name that reference)

m is now working mostly from home.  today he kicked me out of the study for several hours while he was making calls.  which meant i just had to go downstairs and catch up on a few shows.  and eat a couple of cupcakes.  life is rough.

hanging pictures on the wall is what makes a house a home.

the past few meals that i've made for dinner have included the following disclaimer: "i don't know how this is going to taste... i just kind of made it up."

i think my favorite wedding gift has to be an ice cream maker, courtesy of the lohner family.  strawberry ice cream never tasted so good.

if you're not vacuuming with a dyson vacuum, you're doing it wrong. (thank you macy's gift cards!)

new summer songs to love:

  1. brave, sara bareilles
  2. get lucky, daft punk feat. pharrell williams
  3. old skin, olafur arnalds & arnor dan
  4. love is blindness, jack white
  5. worship you, vampire weekend
  6. gone, gone, gone, phillip phillips
  7. skin, zola jesus
  8. demons, the national
  9. let her go, passenger
  10. i love it, icona pop feat. charli xcx
m and i are trying to follow a more structured daily schedule.  last night we went to bed at 10pm.  this morning we woke up at 6am.  any bets as to how long that will last?

our neighbor has a white bulldog named "jammer." it's hilarious how squat and slow it is, with its short legs and big belly.  and i love how our neighbor yells "jamma!" when he tries to run away.  which, of course, he can't.  because he's a bulldog.  and they are funny dogs.

my husband has been wanting to play catch with someone for weeks.  he's even taken to carrying his glove and baseball with him around the house.  we finally went to a field today to play; i've never seen him so happy.  i swear, sometimes i think i married a 5-year old. a really, really cute 5-year old.

and speaking of being married, every time i say "my husband," i think of this scene from seinfeld.

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