Sunday, June 30

june roses

one of my favorite quotes is from scottish poet james barrie:

"god gave us memories that we might have june roses in the december of our lives."

well, this past month has been full of roses.

steele prom and the last day of school.

bridal shower hosted by fabulous friends.

licensed to marry.

family in town - celebrating june/july birthdays.

surprise bridal luncheon @ trufire with my favorite people.

romney/ryan family dinner @ sushi zushi.

wedding day (aka best. day. ever.). official photos coming soon.

honeymoon in kauai (aka paradise). 

m and i have survived our first two weeks of wedded bliss (yay!).  there are good days and bad days, but above all, there is a lot of love.  as we have been organizing and putting our house together, we are finding that we have a lot of growing and learning to do. i am so grateful for mitchell and his patience and kindness.  he is a wonderful husband and friend, and i am loving our life together so far.

looking forward to a lifetime of june roses.

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  1. pretty bride pretty wife
    cute husband


    LOVE YOU, mary