Thursday, July 11

confessions of a summer housewife 2

3 words: breakfast in bed.

favorite new sweet snack: brookside dark chocolate fruit pieces.  seriously.  buy a bag today.

who knew making cookies with a kitchenaid stand mixer would make the cookies taste so much better?

many, many thanks to my mother and father-in-law for helping us buy a new couch.  i've decided to take up permanent residence on it for the rest of the summer.

yesterday i went out to lunch with one of my favorite people. she and i are in very similar situations: both teachers, both recently married, both freaking out about our financial futures, both type A personalities.  (and, as it turns out, our husbands are very similar, as well.)  another thing that i love about this friend: she is a budding entrepreneur. our lunch actually turned into a business meeting as she talked about her home floral business, and i talked about possibly starting a home graphic design business (still a work in progress).  so glad we live close enough to each other to have afternoon get-togethers.

and speaking of  living close to friends... my bff moved to austin. (that's what happens when you meet and fall in love with and marry someone who lives in another city. boo.) while i miss her face, i am so grateful for quick phone calls and text conversations. and a road trip next week to see our boy jax on the big screen. (disclaimer: we fully admit that the movie looks absolutely ridiculous, but it has our boy in it.  no way we are not seeing it in the theaters at least once. maybe twice.)

started organizing my online courses for next year.  is it weird that working on school stuff made me really happy?

i guess i'm "maturing" and all that other adult stuff, but tv shows just aren't doing it for me like they used to.  the dialogue, the acting, the story lines - all so repetitive and horribly lame.  very few actually impress me anymore. does that sound too pretentious?

hmmm.  i might have to rethink my above decision to live on the couch for the rest of the summer. it might be 3pm, but i should probably do at least one productive thing today to justify my existence.


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  1. Definitely start a graphic design business. Everyone needs a good graphic designer.