Friday, May 3

teacher perks + some other stuff

rangers game, 2012

rangers game, 2013

and now some other stuff...
i wore the above boggin all day today.
going to see iron man 3 right now.
the great gastby comes out next friday.
the announcements arrived. they look awesome.
wedding countdown is 42 days.
my dress has still not arrived. and i'm not freaking out at all.
the above statement was written with a sarcastic tone.
i unknowingly photo-bombed a photo that one of my students took last night at the game.
he has since forwarded the photo to half the student body.
according to my spanish 2 estudiantes, i'm like dora the explorer.  i say it in spanish first, then in english.
grading is my least favorite teacher duty. and i've got lots of grading to do this weekend.
bff gpn is getting married tomorrow. so happy for her.
i'm usually pretty happy and energetic on fridays... and then the school day ends and all i want to do is crawl in bed.
i kind of love this picture:

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