Friday, April 26

five stories on a friday

this wednesday, i took a day off for some personal appointments.  when i returned to school on thursday, the students couldn't wait to tell me all about the substitute from the day before.  apparently, she was more than a little crazy. after all of the stories (and believe me, they were crazy stories!), the closing comment in almost every class was, "we just really missed you, ms. romney." SUCCESS.

as a staff, we very much want our small student body (especially our seniors) to have the experience of attending a high school prom, so we have decided to host a free prom for our kiddos.  we handed out the official invitation today... while wearing prom dresses, which we continued to wear for the rest of the day.

wedding countdown is now 50 days.  this is starting to become very real to me. and a little scary how much i don't feel prepared for this.

one of the most difficult parts of being a teacher is maintaining an excitement and happiness level that a normal person would only sustain for about an hour throughout an 8-period school day, 5 days a week for 36 weeks.  it has now become a routine - every friday at 3:35pm, a feeling of complete and total exhaustion hits me like a ton of bricks.  it's about all i can do to keep from passing out at my desk. for all my good intentions to be productive on friday afternoons, i usually end up in the same exact spot.  comatose on the couch.

i came home today to find bailey baby lounging on top of a big pile of my clothes on the love seat in my room.  how she manages to know exactly where i don't want her to be is beyond me.

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