Friday, November 9

give thanks, day 9

9 things.

i am thankful for push presses.  and we're going to pretend that i'm being sincere and not sarcastic.

i am thankful for smoothies. this morning's concoction: banana, strawberries, blackberries, arugula, coconut water and carrot juice.  not one of my best (better with spinach), but still quite tasty.

i am thankful for personal days.  so far in my professional career, i've only taken personal days for either funerals or weddings.  for whatever the reason, though, it's nice to have a little break every once in a while.  and today's break was excellent.

i am thankful for beautiful weather in november.  because what would a friday morning november wedding be without sunny skies? yes, the wind was a bit out of control, but it could've been a lot worse. so glad it was so nice for my friend's big day.

i am thankful for the temple. and i am especially thankful for the temple when i get to witness the sealing (marriage) ceremony of loved ones.  today i went to my third temple sealing this year, and it was beautiful.  "i love to see the temple, i'm going there someday..." (children's songbook, no. 95)

i am thankful for michelle. she married her best friend today and i was so happy to be there on her big day.  michelle and i met about 4.5 years ago (at the temple, ironically), and immediately bonded over mission stories and our mutual craziness.  i remember after our first conversation, we kind of looked at each other and very quickly reached the conclusion that the other person was really cool, and we should be friends.  we've kept in touch over the years, always catching up every couple of months. she's one of those friends who just automatically makes me smile, and i think she is one of very few people who know exactly how crazy i can be sometimes. and i love her for that. i am grateful for the wonderful friend she has been to me over the years, and i am so happy that she and parker now have each other for eternity.  love, love, love.

at a mutual friend's wedding luncheon, may 2009.

i am thankful for lunch dates.  there's something extra special about meeting a friend for lunch on a weekday, probably because i don't ever really get to do it (my typical lunch break is 5 min of eating and 25 min of working).  today's lunch date made me really happy.

i am thankful for lotr. if you don't know what that means, then i feel sorry for you.

i am thankful for (fake) pearls. maybe one day i'll own a real pearl necklace (single-strand, multi-strand, short, long... i'm not too picky), but for now the fake ones sure do make me feel classy.

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