Thursday, November 8

give thanks, day 8

8 things.

i am grateful for this lyric: "you know the feeling when you're in too deep; and then you make it out, it tastes so sweet."

i am grateful for shakespeare.  love the bard.

i am grateful for substitutes.  even though making sub plans is sometimes more trouble than it's worth, substitutes are an integral part of our educational system.

i am grateful for salads for dinner. or, as i like to call it, "throw all the vegetables in the fridge in a bowl and call it a meal."

i am grateful for institute. m and i have a standing thursday night date at the church.  it's lovely.

i am grateful for sharing stories with close friends.

i am grateful for emoticons.  and this conversation, courtesy of pd:
me: "what does it mean?!"
pd: "it's an emoticon... i don't think it means anything."

i am grateful for sleep. goodnight!

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