Saturday, November 10

give thanks, day 10

10 things.

i am thankful for pretty girl.  she's one of my favorite people and today is her 18th birthday.  much love.

i am thankful for the marines. all branches of the military, really, but i will always be partial to the devil dogs.  happy birthday.  semper fi.

i am thankful for avocados.  a super food, indeed.  plus, avocados + rotel = guacamole.  what's not to love?

i am thankful for cousin debbie. way back in june she invited me to join her and a large group of girls to run the mighty mud dash, which was this morning.  oh. my. heavens.  i have never been so dirty in all my life.  my elbows, knees and legs are bruised and scraped. i am still kind of exhausted from the excitement and exertion.  but it was a riot.  so glad we did it together.

i am thankful for hot showers. seriously.  sooooooooooo dirty. mud and dirt everywhere. i think i washed my hair 4 or 5 times.  felt so good to be clean again.

i am thankful for college football.  best way to pass the time on a lazy saturday afternoon.

i am thankful for baptisms. i attended the baptism of a new member of our ward tonight.  watching someone make that decision and take that step always strengthens me and increases my faith in the gospel.

i am thankful for the ability to sing.  i am grateful that i was blessed with this gift so that i can share my testimony through music.

i am thankful for sushi.  sushi zushi, to be more exact.  m and i have gone 3 times in the past month or so, and we always try something new.  we've yet to be disappointed. my favorite rolls: cosimo roll and bora bora roll.  yummy, yummy.

i am thankful for my bed.  "my bed is my best friend!" = joanna and rachel's theme song in college.

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