Monday, November 19

give thanks, day 19

19 things.

i am grateful for progress.  when i first started crossfit in july, the most weight i could lift for any kind of squat or clean was about 45 lbs.  today's WOD was a series of  clean + jerks with various weights.  max weight?  75 lbs.  only one rep, yes, but i did it.  go me.

i am grateful for this general conference talk: "temple standard" from elder scott d. whiting.  i listened to it again this morning while driving to the temple and i especially appreciated this beautiful message: "We are each made of the finest materials, and we are the miraculous result of divine craftsmanship. However, as we move past the age of accountability and step onto the battlefield of sin and temptation, our own temple can become in need of renovation and repair work. Perhaps there are walls within us that are gritty and need buffing or windows of our souls that need replacement in order that we can stand in holy places. Gratefully, the temple standard that we are asked to meet is not that of perfection, although we are striving for it, but rather that we are keeping the commandments and doing our best to live as disciples of Jesus Christ."

i am grateful for red delicious apples.  they are my favorite.

i am grateful for serving in the temple. i volunteered to help clean the inside of the temple this morning.  it was a very special experience, being inside the temple with no one else around but the other few volunteers.  just me and my duster and my vacuum.  i had a very strong confirmation as i walked the halls that i was in the house of the Lord.

i am grateful for time to think.  been doing a lot of that lately.

i am grateful for central market cafe.  even though they were out of my usual veggie burger today, i very much enjoyed my salmon and sweet potato fries.

i am grateful for try by p!nk.  seriously.  she is an artist in every sense of the word.  her performance at the 2010 grammys?  coolest thing i have ever seen.  she can do no wrong.

i am grateful for memories.  one of my all-time favorite quotes: "god gave us memories, that we might have june roses in the december of our lives." (james barrie)

i am grateful for hoodies.  for rachel: "hoodies!"

i am grateful for jane austen.  can't wait to meet her on the other side.

i am grateful for persuasion.  especially love this version.

i am grateful for charlotte bronte.  another lovely lady i can't wait to meet.

i am grateful for jane eyre.  absolutely love the novel.  also love this version.

i am grateful for dasani water.  if you never met me before, then you don't know that this is the most well-known fact about me.

i am grateful for red roses.  that's right.  someone gave me roses tonight.

i am grateful for the smell of brownies.  i did not partake of their chocolatey goodness, but they sure did smell delicious.

i am grateful for pinterest.  i fully admit that i am an addict.  but i just can't stop.  "pin all the things!"

i am grateful for class web sites.  it saves me from having giant stacks of papers to grade, because it's all online, baby!

i am grateful for clean sheets and a freshly made bed.  makes crawling into bed that much more enjoyable.

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