Monday, October 1

pleasant surprises

i really should be working on lesson plans for tomorrow or, better yet, be getting to bed, but it's been quite a while since i've written anything.  and once again, work nor sleep will come until i've released some of the thoughts swirling around my head right now.

yesterday was mother's birthday.  in a coordinated effort, dad and i arranged a little birthday surprise for her when they arrived home from the airport with family friends and birthday bundt cakes.  their flight was delayed nearly 2 hours, but the celebration was still a sweet success. a pleasant surprise.

last week, one of my more challenging students approached me to inform me that i was no longer his favorite teacher, because they had made caramel in science, so the science teacher was his new favorite teacher.  my first reaction to his confession: "i was your favorite teacher? all i do is harp at you all day about missing assignments and taking your earbuds out!" he just kind of shrugged and laughed. a pleasant surprise.

yesterday was also the last day of my 30-day crossfit paleo challenge.  other than 2 cheat days (once was during the ysa conference when i was exhausted out of my mind, the other was for a late-night pizza with a friend to which there was no way i was going to say no), i did not consume any grains, dairy, sugar or processed foods for 30 days.  i am extremely proud of myself for being so faithful to the challenge.  it also doesn't hurt that i lost 10 lbs. and several inches off my waist and hips.  a pleasant surprise.

after tonight's crossfit class, the head trainer told me that we needed to have a little chat.  it was actually a very one-sided conversation in which she informed me that i will be adding weight to all of my workouts from here on out.  despite my protests that the 26 lb. kettlebell is plenty heavy and my box jumps are just fine at their current height, she straight up told me no.  as much as i may grumble about it, it actually feels pretty good to be improving and getting stronger.  a pleasant surprise.

i've been feeling really good about life lately.  school is going well (stressful as all get out, but still a hoot and a half).  i'm being kinder to both my body and spirit.  i'm seeing prayers answered and  hoped for blessings and miracles.  if you would have asked me 6 months ago - or even 3 months ago - if i thought i could ever feel this way again, i would have replied with a sorrowful, "probably not." there is still much to be resolved and improved, but i'm starting to understand my life through a more mature and eternal perspective.  but more than anything, it just feels good to feel good again.  a pleasant surprise.

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