Saturday, October 6

the family is the foundation.

i love my family more than life.  they are never far from my mind and heart.  our original 8 members has now expanded to 12 and we are spread out over 3 states.  we try our best to stay in touch, to see each other as much as possible, and i am never more happy than when i am with them.  they are my everything and i love them with all my heart.  i am so grateful that i belong to them and they to me.

what i have realized over the past few months, though, is that i belong to several families, families whom i also love and appreciate.  these families are a little more fluid and not as central to my life as the 11 people who share my last name, but they are my family just the same. to name a few....

my school family. i love my fellow teachers.  we have way too much fun together.  most of the time we act like jealous siblings competing for the love and attention of mother (ie: our principal), but we work and play together really well.  and my students!  they are my children, my little rays of sunshine.  wayward children, yes, but my children all the same.  as i remind them at least once a week, we are a family and our little school is our home.  and in our home, we speak kindly to one another, and we encourage and uplift one another.  i love my school family.

my ward family.  i love going to church every week because i absolutely love the members of my ward.   yes, they are all older than me, married with children, but i so enjoy being with them and learning from them.  they inspire me and let me know that i am not alone.  i love my ward family.

my friends family. there's not much more i can say about the wonderful friends who have blessed my life in ways i can't even begin to describe.  i love my friends family.

my friends' family family.  as i have spent time with friends and their respective families, i have felt so welcomed and accepted, cared for and loved.  i love spending time with their parents, getting to know them and being included in family events and inside jokes.  i can only hope my friends feel as welcomed and accepted, cared for and loved by my family.  i love my friends' family family.

my crossfit family. a few weeks ago, i was having a particularly rough time with the workout of the day (wod), something with about a bajillion squats and toes to pole.  the last part of the wod was a 600m run, and of course, i was the last one to finish.  as i struggled with the last 200m of the run, another member of our box who had finished quite some time before jogged toward me and joined me on the home stretch, offering words of encouragement.  i didn't know this fellow crossfitter, but i was so grateful for her little kindness in helping me finish strong.  i love my crossfit family.

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  1. you will always be part of the Randalls--you get the jokes and laugh at the right time!!!mary