Wednesday, September 12

no such thing

there's no such thing as closing your eyes for two minutes while sprawled out on top of your bed.  you always fall asleep for at least an hour and miss the crossfit class you were planning on going to.

there's no such thing as eating just a handful of nuts.  you will always eat more than you intend to and will then promise yourself to never do that again.  or at least, until tomorrow.

there's no such thing as watching just one episode of a tv show on dvd.  you always end up finishing the entire disc and then popping in a new one because this time, for real,  you're only going to watch just one more episode.

there's no such thing as sitting down at the computer to work.  you always spend at least an hour perusing your favorite sites before remembering why, exactly, you had sat down at the keyboard to begin with.

there's no such thing as letting things go.  you always analyze the death out of experiences and situations until your head hurts and you are even more confused than you were when you started.

there's no such thing as writing a real quick blog post.  you always get distracted and then have to re-gather your thoughts and it takes way more time than you had originally planned.

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