Monday, September 17

not your average 9 to 5

(i apologize in advance for the soapbox rant.)

what are the average working hours for the typical daytime, full-time job?  9 to 5, right? an 8-hour workday?

yeah.  teachers don't have those hours.  we teach for 7ish hours, but our actual workday is much, much longer.  because before and after all the teaching, there is planning, reading, grading, organizing, making seating charts and phone calls.... then more planning, reading, grading, and organizing.

for example, i arrived at school today at 7:15am.  i left at 7:30pm.  and i will most likely be up for another 3 hours preparing for tomorrow.

now, i love my job.  there's nothing else i would rather be doing (except perhaps slummin' it on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink in my hand).  but the 12+ hour workdays have got to stop.  i feel like i live, breathe, eat and sleep school.  it is a never ending parade of beowulf, the crucible, spanish vocabulario and grammar, the odyssey and literary analysis in my head these days.  and not the good kind of parade, with balloons and floats and marching bands.

i know i said i was ready for the summer to be over... but can we just pretend it's still fun in the sun every once in a while?  like, say, tomorrow?

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