Thursday, May 10

true story.

the first thing i do when i come him from work in the evening (after devouring something involving cheese, of course): shed the teacher get-up, toss said get-up on top of the other get-ups piled on the couch, throw on my favorite pair of sweatpants and new favorite hoodie (because it was his hoodie), pull out both my work and personal laptops, and settle in for a night of alternating web-browsing and working.

sometimes i feel bad when a friend asks if i want to do something on a week night because my reply is always a lame, "um, i'm already in my pajamas."  but it's true.  and the effort it would take to put back on normal clothes is just too much.  i'm just too exhausted and useless to go out in public and be social.  and sometimes i know i should run errands or be productive around the house, but then i remember that i've been working all day, basically herding cats for 8 hours.  and more importantly, i remember i'm already in my pajamas.  even if it is only 6:00.

and when the pajamas are on, that dog just ain't gonna hunt.

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