Saturday, May 12

my favorite thing.

i did my favorite thing today.

i read a book.

and not just, "i read a book for a couple of hours today and it was lovely."

more like, "i read a book for almost 7 hours straight, skipped breakfast and lunch, didn't get out of my pjs and take a shower until 6pm and it was awesome."

it's been months - probably almost a year - since i've been able to spend all day reading.  granted, i had about a dozen other things i should have been doing (laundry, lesson plans, grading, cleaning, organizing, errands, projects), but i decided the to-do list could wait.  i needed a break.  i needed an escape.  i needed to lose myself, even if only for half a day, in a world of words and fantasy and adventure.  a world far removed from my current one.

my world of choice? abraham lincoln: vampire hunter.

allow me to explain.

when i first saw the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation, i asked myself: "why does this movie look so fan-freakin'-tastic?!" a ridiculous premise, true, but i think the ridiculousness is what makes it look so much fun.  the movie came up in conversation with my students a few weeks ago, and one student in particular gave the source material a ringing endorsement.  while at b&n last weekend, i decided to pick up the paperback.  i was only able to read sporadically throughout the week, at night, right before i drifted off to never, neverland.

this morning, i woke up at 7am (curses), but then practically forced myself to go back to sleep.  10am seemed like as good a time as any to finally get out of bed, but instead of tackling the aforementioned to-do list, i decided to curl up in my big red chair and read for a bit.  a bit turned into a few hours.  a few hours turned into all morning and all afternoon.  and a finished book.

a ridiculous story?  yes.  but oh, so much fun.  i love the blend of of history and fantasy. the blend of seriousness and ridiculousness.

i highly recommend that you give it a try before seeing the movie this summer (because the book is always better than the movie).

i also highly recommend reading as an escape from the world.  i love escaping.  it's my favorite thing.

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