Friday, May 4

déjà vu

six months ago, i was editing and grading research papers for my english 4 students.  tonight, i've been editing and grading research papers for a new group of english 4 students.

déjà vu, for sure, but with one major difference.

six months ago, Z was my distraction from the boredom and monotony of reading and grading 25+ papers.  a late-night text or call from him gave me an excuse to put down the red pen and lose myself in a conversation that would usually last until one of us decided it really was time to "rack up" and get some sleep.  i was always exhausted the next day, but i didn't really mind.  i gladly welcomed the distraction, because those nights of talking about everything and nothing were some of the best of my life.  i learned so much about being open and honest, about how to express opinions and emotions, about what is real and important.  i learned how to not play games and just be myself.  talking and listening and sharing and laughing and questioning and answering.  i loved those nights of not getting any work done.

it took me a minute to realize what was so different about tonight's editing session, why this batch of papers have been so much harder to get through.

no distraction. no late-night text or call. no excuse.

just memories and a grateful heart that i had the distraction at all, even if it was only for a short while.

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