Saturday, April 28


i think i started about five different posts this past week, but never got around to actually finishing any of them.  i was either too exhausted or too lost in thought to articulate those thoughts.  so i now humbly offer a smörgåsbord of the latest and greatest...

return of the heavy bag
two years ago, while living in austin, i bought a 70-lb. heavy bag with an upright stand.  since moving back to dallas, it's been in the garage, underneath a tarp along with all of my other belongings.  last weekend i finally uncovered my beloved punching bag and remembered just how much i love beating the crap out of that thing.  so therapeutic.

put your game face on
last week my students had three long days of TAKS testing.  it was kind of nice not having to plan lessons all week, but then again it was kind of exhausting doing nothing all day.  the best part of the day, though, was watching the facial expressions of my students as they took each test.  lips pursed, brows furrowed, sighs of exasperation, grunts of frustration, and every now and then, squeaks of victory.  scores don't come out for another month, but if their testing game faces are any indication, i think they did great.

a teaching revelation
a voicemail from my very good friend MP, who is an elementary teacher: "hey katie, it's michelle.  i was just calling to share a teaching revelation that i had with a teacher, which is you... i realized just now that teaching is the worst kind of customer service because your customers never go away.  you are with them for, what? nine months out of the year?  anyways, that's the conclusion i've come to about the job that we have.  hope you're having a good day.  bye."  laughed and laughed and laughed.

"hey, mr. arnstein, here i am!"
beautiful day today, made even more beautiful by performing this song solo in the car while driving around.  if you ever need a pick-me-up, belt out a little musical theater and the world is magically a better a place.

sometime around midnight
for the past few months i've been having a really hard time going to bed at a decent hour. i'm completely exhausted, but i just can't seem to cross the finish line and close my eyes and fall asleep. sometimes it's because i'm thinking about school responsibilities, other times it's because i'm thinking about church responsibilities. sometimes it's because i'm thinking about family, other times it's because i'm thinking about friends. most times it's because i'm thinking about all of the ups and downs of life. maybe if i could just stop thinking all of my problems would be solved.

music to my ears
this song and this song and this song and this song.  love, love, love, love.

seven weeks
in one week, i'll be in arizona for brother chris' graduation.  in four weeks, i'll be headed to oregon for brother jason's wedding.  in five weeks, i'll be officially done with my first year of teaching.  in seven weeks, i'll be in utah for my second ragnar relay.  after that, i have absolutely no plans.  which i'm kind of excited about.

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