Wednesday, February 1

POW: "Black Ops Operator"

It's been a while since I've posted a Playlist of the Week.  I made this one three weeks ago, but I've been hesitant to share it because the song selection is near and dear to my heart.  Each of these songs is either attached to a specific memory of Z, reminds me of him, or has helped me deal with his passing.

I've been listening to this playlist on repeat since I first created it, which was only a few days after it happened.  I realized just yesterday, though, that I'm not singing anymore.  And history has taught me that when I'm not singing, it means that something is wrong.  After making a POW, I usually spend a good solid week memorizing the entire playlist, singing at the top of my lungs at home, in the car, at school.  But I have't been singing this playlist.  I've just been letting the music, the words, the memories, the emotions wash over me.

I hope I start singing again soon.  I miss singing.  But I miss Z more.

Listen and love.
  1. I'm Shipping Up to Boston, Dropkick Murphys
  2. Everything's an Illusion, Mayday Parade
  3. About Today, The National (from the album Cherry Tree)
  4. We Found Love, Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris
  5. Untitled, Less Than Three
  7. Poison & Wine, The Civil Wars
  8. Believe, SafetySuit
  9. Oh Darling, Plug In Stereo feat. Cady Groves
  10. Take This to Heart, Mayday Parade
  11. Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol
  12. Change Your Mind, The All-American Rejects
  13. Disaster Hearts, I Fight Dragons
  14. What I've Done, Linkin Park
  15. Winter Song, Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
  16. Just a Kiss, Lady Antebellum
  17. About Today, The National (from the Warrior soundtrack)
  18. To Whom It May Concern, The Civil Wars

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