Monday, November 28

a sampler platter

since i have a lot of thoughts rolling around inside my head, here's a sample platter of the latest and greatest...

maiden voyage
my precious and i had our first official road trip this past weekend. i drove to houston to visit a friend and as i rocked out to my favorite tunes, i remembered just how much i love going 80 on an open freeway. it's the best kind of therapy i know.

vampires suck
finally saw breaking dawn. it wasn't as terrible as i thought it would be, but it was still pretty awful. and by awful i mean "why is there a part of me that is absolutely loving this while the other part of me is completely mortified that i actually paid for this torture?" team let-this-be-over-already.

mega yachts
for j&r: "but you should see diddy's!!!"

all wrong? all right?
have you ever questioned whether you are doing things the right way? or if there even is a right way? lately i've been wondering if i'm doing things all wrong. or all right. or somewhere in between. work, family, relationships, responsibilities, personal improvement. all wrong? or all right?

emotional range of a teaspoon
one of my favorite quotes from harry potter, book 5:

hermione: "well, obviously, she's feeling very sad, because of cedric dying.  then i expect she's feeling confused because she liked cedric and now she likes harry, and she can't work out who she likes best.  then she'll be feeling guilty, thinking it's an insult to cedric's memory to be kissing harry at all, and she'll be worrying about what everyone else might say about her if she starts going out with harry.  and she probably can't work out what her feelings toward harry are anyway, because he was the one who was with cedric when cedric died, so that's all very mixed up and painful.  oh, and she's afraid she's going to be thrown off the ravenclaw quidditch team because she's been flying so badly."
ron: "one person can't feel all that at once, they'd explode."
hermione: "just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have."

sometimes i wish i did have the emotional range of a teaspoon.  it would make things a lot simpler.

running away
as a friend and i were discussing life's many frustrations, this friend suggested, "why don't we just run away to mexico?"  that suggestion is looking more and more appealing now that i'm back at work, dealing with lesson plans and schedules and assignments and projects.  if only it were that simple.

on another note, i actually got outside last week and went on morning runs through the neighborhood.  the best hour of my day.  i miss running.  it's the best kind of therapy i know.

thanksgiving detox
the friday before turkey day break, one of our lovely custodians at school provided lunch for all of the teachers. it was a veritable mexican fiesta: enchiladas, beans and rice, chips with salsa and homemade guac. i happily filled my plate and enjoyed every bite, and then topped it all off with some banana pudding. about 30 minutes later, i regretted every bite. i realized way too late that i had basically conditioned my body to not eat lunch - my stomach had not had to digest an actual meal for quite some time. i spent the rest of the day trying to hide my extreme discomfort, just watching the minutes tick by until the end of the school day. as soon as i got home, i almost immediately changed into pajamas, curled up in a ball under the covers and then spent the next 7 hours in and out of consciousness, a combination of my exhaustion and aching tummy. i was up again at midnight, fully awake and wishing someone would put me out of my misery. finally fell asleep again around 3ish. i didn't eat again for almost a day and a half.

at the time the thought of thanksgiving dinner made me nauseous. let's just say i got over my fear of food pretty fast. and now that thanksgiving is officially over and the leftovers have all but disappeared from the fridge, it's time to shrink the stomach again and detox from all of the food, food and more food that i consumed over the break. just in time for the holidays. oy vey.

mellow out
our new semester started the week before thanksgiving break.  i don't know if it was a conscience decision, but i am a hundred times more mellow this semester than i was last semester.  i think it's because i know my kids better, i know what they are willing and able (and unwilling and unable) to do.  i'm starting to understand the fine art of grades and daily assignments and tests and quizzes.  i know how to control a class of 28 and then switch gears for a class of 12.  my online courses are super organized and structured.  i'm liking this more mellow, less-stressed version of myself.  she's much more fun to be around.

the best kind of therapy
family.  friends.  food.  football.  talking.  laughing.  driving.  running.  sleeping.  breathing.  blogging.

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