Sunday, October 30

i made my family disappear.

when i first moved back to dallas in june the plan was to house-sit for mom and dad while they were taking an extended working holiday across the pond.  not even a week after i moved back home, mother came back to the states to receive medical attention for the chronic pain in her foot.

that was five months ago.

she ended up needing surgery.  and then physical therapy.  and then she needed another surgery.  and then more physical therapy.  so the plan for me to live at home by myself turned into me living at home with my mother.

it wasn't all bad.  in fact, it wasn't bad at all.  we had a fun summer and fall, living together as roomies.

this past weekend we had a full house with brothers chris and jason in town.  they flew back to az and ut, respectively, this morning.  and just a couple of hours ago, i dropped mother off at the airport for her flight to london.

i am now officially home alone.

granted, both mom and dad are coming back home in three and a half weeks for turkey day and christmas holidays, so my home alone-ness will be short-lived until the start of the new year.  but as soon as i walked in the door tonight, i had the sudden urge to run around the house, maybe jump up and down on the upstairs landing. 

"i'm living alone!  i'm living alone!"

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