Saturday, October 29

oh, brothers

brothers chris and jason flew into dallas for the weekend.
it's been the best weekend in recent memory.  i love my brothers.

friday night: byu v. tcu game at cowboys stadium.  the game itself was an embarrassing letdown, but we had fun being together.

we had hotdogs at jerry's place.  i love jerry's place.

mom and her boys.

pretty girl tatum came with us to the game.  after spending the whole evening with three romney siblings, i'm pretty sure she thinks we are all crazy.  and she would be right.

since the game was such a bust, we left during the 3rd quarter (fair-weather fans, i know), dropped mom off at home and went to a late movie.
again, i'm pretty sure tatum thinks we are insane.  and we probably are.  but we sure do have fun together.

saturday morning: the breakfast of champions = eggo waffles w/ peanut butter and syrup.

saturday afternoon: lunch at the feedstore.  a family favorite and a southlake landmark.

saturday evening: we took a drive over to school to see where the magic happens (aka my classroom),
then drove over to town square to walk around and do a little shopping.

my brothers are studs.
my brothers are awesome.
they make me happy.
they make me laugh.
and any time spent with them is a good time.

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  1. Hey! I know the guy in the row behind you! Do you know him? His name is Jason Klomp!

    Haha! That's so funny!