Wednesday, November 2

happy 500.

this is my 500th post.  happy day for me.

actually, it really has been a happy day.  let me tell you why.

i had a lunch date this afternoon... sort of.  the friend with whom i was supposed to have lunch ended up having to leave town earlier than expected, so we had our lunch date over the phone.  sounds so strange, i know, but it was probably one of the best "dates" i've ever been on.  let me tell you why.

we talked.  a lot.  and about everything.  we also laughed.  a lot.  and at everything.  it's so nice to be able to just talk to someone, letting the conversation go wherever it wants to go.  no games or awkwardness, just talking.  and talking makes me happy.

so i like lunch dates (over the phone or otherwise).  i like talking.  i like laughing.  and as y'all know, i really like blogging, especially about the things that i like that make me happy.

so here's to 500 more happy days.

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