Sunday, September 11

if you're happy and you know it...

i was informed by a friend this weekend that clapping at the end of movies is weird.

i tried to explain that clapping for a movie is the same as clapping for a game that you are watching on tv.  my friend begged to differ.  i tried to explain that movies make me happy, so i clap.  my friend still thought it was weird.

but really?  it's weird?  am i the only person who claps at the end of movies?  not every movie, mind you, just the really, really good ones.

granted, i clap at the beginning, and sometimes during movies, too.  i even clap for previews.  but that doesn't make me weird, does it?

please, someone back me up on this.  do you clap at the end of movies?  i'm not the only one, right?  right?!


  1. Yep, it's weird. Sorry, Katie. :/
    Here's why I think people think it's weird:

    People clap to applaud the creator. So if the creator's not present, what's the point? If you want to show your approval or enthusiastic review of a movie, blog about it. Write a letter to the producer about it. Buy it. Clapping for it -- in my mind -- doesn't really get your point across to people who the clapping matters to.


  2. Lol do you clap when you are watching a movie alone? Because that is probably weird. I always love when people clap after a pilot lands an airliner during turbulence or bad weather! It makes me happy that people recognize the job well done. And I have clapped after really, really great theater.