Thursday, June 16

ragnar: ...go!

oh my heavens.  this is happening.

everything that could go wrong has gone wrong this week. one of our runner's went to the emergency room for sunstroke.  the t-shirt guy messed up the t-shirts. the van rental place ran out of vans. our perfectly timed schedule of arrivals and departures was shot to pieces. we went a tad bit over-budget on supplies. apparently you can't rent a luxury vehicle without a credit card.

sister jen, brother jason and i have had fun literally driving in circles all over the valley in the past 24 hours.

our response to every new upset: "oh, well.  moving on."

we're leaving from jen's house in about an hour or so to drive up to logan, ut, where we will be staying the night at a motel.  our team start time is 5 in the am... so it's imperative that we all get a good night's sleep tonight.

i have a feeling that i have no idea what i have gotten myself into.  you better believe that i will be running (both literally and figuratively) on adrenaline and prayers.

stay tuned for the full report of all the sweat, (lack of) sleep and silliness!

a special shout-out to sister julie: tomorrow is our birthday and she is the only sibling not with us for this adventure.  i love you, ju-ju-bee!  can't wait for comic-con next month!

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