Wednesday, June 22

"a serious conversation"

well, folks, i did it.  i ran (jogged/walked) 16.3 miles and didn't die.  thank heaven for small miracles.

i will have a full ragnar report in a couple of days with pictures (lots and lots of pictures), but for right now just know that it was probably the most crazy and exhausting weekend of my life... and i loved every minute of it.

after our team finally crossed the finish line on saturday, got our medals and celebrated for a bit, i was riding in the shuttle back to our van and called home real quick to let mother know we had all survived.  as we were talking she asked me if i was in the mood for "a serious conversation."  when am i ever in the mood for a serious conversation? i asked her what this serious conversation was about and she said it was about travel plans.  apparently "things have changed dramatically" since i had been in utah (her words, not mine).  changed dramatically?  i've only been gone for three days!?!?  i told her i was not in the mood - i had just spent the past 48 hours living in a van, running to the point of exhaustion, with absolutely no sleep and very little real food.

the next day at my sister's house, as we were skyping with dad for father's day, i asked him if this "serious conversation" was about what i thought it was about... and he confirmed my suspicions. because of mom's need to have surgery on her foot, the london vacation is off.  sadness...

so instead of frolicking around the united kingdom for the next three weeks, i will be home playing nursemaid to the invalid.  and lest you mistake me for some heartless daughter, i say this with no trace of sarcasm - i'm happy to help out.  it's the least i can do, what with my parents letting me house-sit for them free-of-charge.  london will still be there whenever i'm able to plan my next trip.  staying in dallas will allow me time to focus on applying for jobs, organizing the rest of the unpacked boxes and putting my life back together.

also, i'm thinking... fourth of july bbq & party?  anyone?

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