Wednesday, June 15

ragnar: get set...

flying to utah today.  which means ragnar is only 2 days away.

i spent almost 4 hours on monday making my running playlist... which is probably the most important part of this whole thing.  if the music is not rock-out fabulous, then forget it.  i simply cannot move my body without awesome music blaring in my ears.  but no fear, after going through my entire itunes library (+17,500 songs), i settled on about 300 of my favorite workout songs, only to realize that my ipod shuffle will only hold about 140 songs.  then began the excruciating process of deleting half of my list.  talk about your sophie's choice.

so the music is taken care of.  i still have to pack, run a few errands, double and triple check that i pack my running shoes, say a quick prayer, and then i'm leavin' on a jet plane.

even more then this running madness i've agreed to participate in, i'm excited to spend time with sisters and brothers, with bf rachel.... and enjoy as many bajio's chicken green chile salads as humanly possible.

oh, and it's my birthday on friday.  happy day to me :)

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