Wednesday, March 2

best eyes

since i seem to be delaying the inevitable mental and physical crash that usually hits me at about this time every night.... here's one more post for grins.

i found this attached to an old kj&r email and it made me so happy.  it also reminded me that i still have not watched the last 6 hours of the final season.  i know, i know.  how can i call myself a true 24 fan?  i swear i am.  life just got in the way at the end of the season, and i just know that in order to fully appreciate the finale of this ridiculously awesome show, i really should start from the first hour of jack's last day.  i just don't have that kind of time right now ("chloe!  we're running out of time!  hundreds of thousands of people could die!  d*mn it!").

but who am i kidding?  what i really want to do is start from the first hour of jack's first day ("on the day of the california presidential primary") and then relive all glorious 8 days of jack bauer kicking butt and saving the world from enemies both foreign and domestic.

can you imagine how awesome that would be?

of course, after watching 192 hours of television, i would have to ask mr. bauer to shoot me himself for wasting away a week of my life.

oh, but what a week it would be....

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  1. JACK! I was in a patient's room last week and I heard his voice! The patient's dad was watching the last season on his laptop. And I never saw the last six hours either. In June we should watch it. From the beginning. Or what about the BEGINNING...:)