Monday, January 31

PTP: "Run For Your Life"

Today is the first day of the 20-week training program for the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay.  We are still finalizing our 12-person team (any runners out there?) and team name... but this thing is officially happening.  No turning back now.  Run or die.

So get out there and run.  Listen and love.
  1. Run It!, Chris Brown
  2. Running From Lions, All Time Low
  3. Young Hearts Run Free, Kym Mazelle (from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack)
  4. Time Is Running Out, Muse
  5. Run, Thriving Ivory
  6. Runaway Baby, Bruno Mars
  7. Duck and Run, 3 Doors Down
  8. Easier To Run, Linkin Park
  9. The Runaway, Something Corporate
  10. Future Says Run, Tonic
  11. Run, Baby, Run, Sheryl Crow
  12. I Just Wanna Run, The Downtown Fiction
  13. Run, Benton Paul
  14. Run and Tell That, Elijah Kelly (from the Hairspray soundtrack)
  15. Running Away, Hoobastank
  16. Run Right Back In, Armor for Sleep
  17. Run the Show, Kat DeLuna feat. Busta Rhymes
  18. Run-around, Blues Traveler
  19. Runaway, Cartel
  20. Always Running Out of Time, Motion City Soundtrack
  21. Runaway, Thriving Ivory
  22. Running Away, Trust Company
  23. Still Running, Chevelle (from the Punisher soundtrack)
  24. Where Are We Runnin'?, Lenny Kravitz
  25. Running Out Of Days, 3 Doors Down
  26. Running Up That Hill, Placebo

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