Wednesday, January 12

PTP: "Home Sweet Home"

I'm feeling a little homeless right now.

I spent three wonderful weeks at "home" in Dallas.  Christmas was great.  New Year's was great.  But as the time drew nearer for me to return "home" to Austin, I started thinking.

I love going to Dallas, spending time with family and friends, relaxing and basically doing nothing.  But yet, Dallas is not home.  I don't really live there anymore.

I love living in Austin, going to school, working, spending time with friends and having fun.  But yet, Austin doesn't feel like home.  Living here was always a temporary situation.

I think I'm part nomad.

Anyways.  In the next six months I'm going to have to figure out exactly where home is.  Until then, the following playlists will have to suffice.

Home Sweet Home I
  1. ...But Home Is Nowhere, AFI
  2. Go Home, Barenaked Ladies
  3. Long Walk Home, Bruce Springsteen
  4. Welcome Home, Coheed & Cambria
  5. Back Home, Cold
  6. Home, Collective Soul
  7. New Way Home, Foo Fighters
  8. Come Back Home (Reprise), Hawthorne Heights
  9. I'm Goin' Home, Hootie & The Blowfish
  10. Home Life, John Mayer
  11. Fly Home Flag Boy, Laura Vecchione
  12. Last Train Home, Lostprophets
  13. Home, Marc Broussard
  14. The Boy Come Home, Matthew Good
  15. When I Get Home You're So Dead, Mayday Parade
  16. Follow You Home, Nickelback
  17. Come Home, Placebo
  18. Finding Home, Saosin
  19. Home, Sherwood
  20. Make Yourself At Home, The Starting Line
  21. Home, Three Days Grace
  22. Some Kind of Home, Thriving Ivory
  23. Take It Home, The White Tie Affair
  24. Back Home, Yellowcard
  25. Don't Stay Home, 311
Home Sweet Home II
  1. Hometown Glory, Adele
  2. Home, Alexi Murdoch
  3. Nobody's Home, Avril Lavigne
  4. Long Way Back Home, Barenaked Ladies
  5. She's My Ride Home, Blue October
  6. Home, Cary Pierce
  7. Home, Daughtry
  8. Home, Deep Blue Something
  9. Home, Dishwalla
  10. Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home, Editors
  11. Home, Foo Fighters
  12. Why I'm Home, Go Radio
  13. First Train Home, Imogen Heap
  14. Home to Stay, Josh Groban
  15. Walk You Home, Karmina
  16. Running For Home, The Matthew Good Band
  17. Home, Michael Buble
  18. Come Home, OneRepublic
  19. Come Back Home, Pat McGeeBand
  20. Follow The Cops Back Home, Placebo
  21. Bring It on Home to Me, Sam Cooke
  22. Sunny Came Home, Shawn Colvin
  23. This Is Home, Switchfoot
  24. Homesick, Train
  25. Your Arms Feel Like Home, 3 Doors Down

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  1. Consider adding "Home" by Eli Young Band (they're great)