Saturday, February 6

ROME if I want to...

Only 15 weeks until I get a new stamp in my passport.
Only 15 weeks to plan an all-star, Rome-sight-seeing vacation (I am my father's daughter).
Only 15 weeks until I experience an authentic Italian wedding (congrats, Lanie).
Only 15 weeks to get into international-traveling shape (get 'er done, Mom).
Only 15 weeks to find the perfect dress, shoes and accessories for the aforementioned authentic Italian wedding.
Only 15 weeks.

(Suggestions on things I must see? do? eat? experience?)

1 comment:

  1. MUST:
    Watch Roman Holiday before you leave

    Eat Gelato at least once a day

    Not mistake what my might think is pineapple for really french fries on your pizza

    Hold on to your purse very tightly

    Set on the Spanish Steps eating a gelato at night

    Buy silly Catholic memorabilia, highly recommend a Pope postcard

    Oh send a post card from the Vatican

    Line up early for the Vatican, think the Pope blesses the crowd on Wed if he's in town

    Keep your patience, there are lots of tourists everywhere and with the heat it can get a bit much

    There is so much to do and see in Rome but you've got to research it all or else youll miss it. There are the obvious big things which are easy but then you've got to weed through all the other smaller things. Best of'll have a blast.

    Are you going to any other cities?