Wednesday, February 10

"Bats are nocturnal!"

(for Julie: name that movie!)

I am, obviously, not a bat. Therefore, I should not be spending my nights wide awake. If only.

Last night, in the 2+ hours that it took me to fall asleep, instead of counting sheep I made the following (mental) accomplishments:
  • Sang I'm a Child of God about ten times.
  • Composed several emails that need to be sent and letters that need to be mailed.
  • Created the menu for Friday night's party.
  • Thought of several old friends that I should look-up on Facebook.
  • Visualized my morning's workout.
  • Started writing the rough draft of my narrative essay due next week.
  • Made a grocery list for the aforementioned menu for Friday night's party.
  • Tried to get the lyric "Given the chance, I'm gonna be somebody" out of my head (curse you, KOL).
  • Decided to write a blog post about the above (mental) accomplishments.
Somewhere in the middle of making my 5-year plan, I think I finally drifted off to sleep... only to be rudely awakened by an alarm clock at 6am.

I am exhausted today.

1 comment:

  1. Wow you accomplished a lot. In my battle to fall asleep, I toss and turn and have thoughts running through my head like a train out of control. Sure good thinking is done, but sometimes I wish I could just sleep. Way to be productive! :)