Monday, February 1

School Stories...

In my Rhetoric & Writing class, the professor showed us one high school teacher's "General Rules for Writing." Number 20 on the list? "DON'T BE CUTE, IT IS JUVENILE" It made me laugh.

In my Adolescent Development class last week, I found myself sitting at a table with six UT baseball players. My apologies to all student athletes, but these guys were the epitome of the "dumb jock" stereotype. Texting during the lecture, not taking any notes, not knowing what we were supposed to be doing. It was hilarious. It made me laugh.

In my Golden Age of Children's Literature class (Best. Syllabus. Ever.) today, I kept raising my hand to make a comment, but was never called on. So every time the professor moved on to the next topic, my comment became obsolete. When he finally did call on me, the argument that I had made in my head lost all of its logic as I attempted to communicate it in words. I felt like an idiot. It made me laugh.

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