Tuesday, February 23


3 years ago I was living in Provo, UT.
3 years ago I was a (super)senior at BYU.
3 years ago I was planning on a future career in PR.
3 years ago I was dreaming of adventures in NYC or LA.
3 years ago I was spending all my free time over at J&R's house.

And 3 years ago, these were the songs I was rocking-out to...
  1. What Do I Have to Do?, Stabbing Westward
  2. Breathe, Greenwheel
  3. 45, Shinedown
  4. Inside Out, Vonray
  5. I Never Wanted To, Saosin
  6. Congratulations, Blue October
  7. There For You, Flyleaf
  8. Paper Thin Hymn, Anberlin
  9. I Don't Love You, My Chemical Romance
  10. Letters to You, Finch
  11. A Little's Enough, Angels & Airwaves
  12. Happens All the Time, Cold
  13. You're So Last Summer, Taking Back Sunday
  14. Question Everything, 8Stops7
  15. Scars, Papa Roach
  16. One Thing, Finger Eleven
  17. Justify, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  18. Time After Time, Quietdrive


  1. I miss three years ago. Wait. Next month it will be three years that I went into the MTC. I miss four and five years ago as well.

  2. I wish it was twenty years from now so we could say that we missed ten years ago because by then, we would all be established in whatever we are supposed to be in. :) Ahhhh love the tunes!!