Monday, January 25

In my dreams...

  • I am accompanying my sister Jen to the American Idol auditions, which is being held at an extraordinarily large auditorium. Contestant hopefuls receive free swag in the form of a bright red messenger bag. As we wait for the auditions to start, I become very jealous that Jen is auditioning (and will most likely make it in, because she has an incredible voice) and I am not. At the last minute I decide to try out, too. My song of choice? Stay, by Lisa Loeb. (This song is significant only because it is my go-to Variety/Talent Show song. Seriously, I've sung it on 4 different occasions, starting way back in 2001 for a high school Variety Show, and most recently in 2009 for a Church Talent Show. Lot of mileage out of that one song.)
  • I arrive at my Monday morning class on campus, only to realize that it is a "B" day, not an "A" day. I frantically run from room to room, trying to find the right class, while at the same time trying to figure out how much work I have missed and how I am going to apologize to my professors. (The irony, of course, is that there are no "A" or "B" days in college. That was high school. So maybe it was more like a nightmare...)

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