Wednesday, October 21

Do dreams come true?

Does anyone believe that dreams really do come true? And I'm referring to our nighttime dreams, not those metaphysical dreams that are wishes our heart makes.* I'm really curious, though, to know if anyone believes that dreams have some base in the present reality, or rather in some future possible reality.

This was my dream from this morning, in that space between sleeping and waking when I hit the snooze button for a good hour before I finally drag myself out of bed:

I was in some type of sorority/fraternity house, except it wasn't a sorority or a fraternity. Lots of people all around and there was a man giving a pep talk about something, I assume it was important. I wasn't there to listen to the speech, though; I was there under the pretense of helping a friend complete some sort of ritual that would help her as she returned to Korea to meet her betrothed (I'm not making this up, I promise). The friend in question was a combination of a friend from one of my classes here in Austin and a girl that I knew from Ohio, I believe we were in the same Brownies Troop. Anyways. Like I said I was there under the pretense of helping my friend. My real goal was to catch the eye of a Certain Someone, but the whole time we were there performing her ritual, listening to the man give his pep talk, I couldn't find Certain Someone. I was very upset. We finally decide it's time to leave and as we are walking out of the sorority/fraternity house that wasn't a sorority or a fraternity, I see another friend from Ohio (haven't seen her in real life in over ten years). We chat a little and talk about what we have been doing with our lives. She thought I had transferred to a prep school. Umm, no. Now we are really getting ready to leave and who steps out of the shadows of the front door and into a soft puddle of light on the porch? Certain Someone! He calls my name and I turn around to face him. Very nervous but also really excited. He proceeds to say very beautiful things to me..... AND THEN THE ALARM WENT OFF.

The alarm ruining my dream was inevitable. What I found most interesting, however, was that Certain Someone was saying things that were actually in the context of real life. Like, if Certain Someone said these words to me tomorrow, they would make total sense. Which begs the question: Do dreams come true? Are they a taste of things to come, or simply figments of our imaginations? Portents of a possible future, or products of an exhausted mind randomly piecing together images and memories to form outlandish story lines? Signs of what we can expect to happen, or shadows of what we desire to happen?

A dream may be a wish our heart makes, but I wonder if there's something more to it than simply wishing and hoping...

(*a cookie for anyone who can name the reference)


  1. Wait who is this certain someone? :) I hope it comes true. Well maybe except for the ritual part. Heh heh. In real life an alarm bell won't go off when he starts talking to you. :)

  2. wow! that's quite the dream. my suggestion? don't eat spicy food right before bed...that should calm your dreams down just a little :)

  3.'s either Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. I can't decide which, but I know it's sung in an ultra vibrato garbly Disney voice. :)

  4. Cinderella. And I want my cookie. O.0