Saturday, October 24

Katie Needs a Man, Reason #48...

I seem to have a strong affinity for IKEA. This penchant, I have realized, requires multiple participants - a team sport, if you will. It cannot, or rather should not, be done alone.

But since I have no "team" to play with right now, I am content to do things by myself. That is until I actually start doing things by myself. Because then I just start laughing. At myself.

Me + multiple, heavy, awkward IKEA boxes + lots of tiny little screws + instruction manual with no words, just really confusing pictures + did I mention the multiple, extremely heavy, awkward IKEA boxes? = HILARIOUS

Seriously, it's basically Comedy Hour at Katie's whenever I attempt to put furniture together.

So, Mr. Wonderful, whoever you are, wherever you are: I've made the executive decision that you will be in charge of all Furniture Assemblage. I will gladly assist (meaning, I will pick out the desired furniture pieces, drive with you to the store, hold the car keys while you are loading the multiple, heavy, awkward IKEA boxes into the truck, hand you the tools and the tiny little screws, and provide moral support when you cannot understand the instruction manual with no words, just really confusing pictures); but other than that, you are running the plays and calling the shots. I elect you to be Team Captain. I'll be the Cheerleader.

Or, I have another idea! We can just buy pre-assembled, custom-made furniture. And have it delivered directly to the house. Just a thought.

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