Sunday, August 30

And now a taste of things to come...

Mexico was AH-MAZING. Pictures and recap coming soon to a blog near you.

Fall Semester has officially begun and I've decided it's going to be great. Oh, and PS: Summer Term = 4.0 GPA. Go Me.

BYU Football game this weekend in Dallas with Mel and the parents. Can't wait to see New Texas Stadium in all its Cowboy glory.

I have read some really good books lately. Reviews to follow.

And let's not forget about new music. It's been awhile since I've posted a playlist. Stay tuned.

Have I mentioned recently that I have the greatest friends in the world? Well I do. And I love them all.

And there's your preview of things to come in the next week. So, after these messages.... I'll be right back!


  1. guilty as charged...i was totally blog stalking. haha infact blog stalking off of your blog! but this girl is amazing! I just want to buy one piece and figure out how in the world she does it so i can do it myself. my name is magen and i'm a blog stalker! can't wait to see this mexico pics!

  2. books! I need to hear about more books. :)

    Love you!