Sunday, January 25

Funniest. Show. Ever.

(from Episode 311: Lassie Did a Bad Bad Thing)

Lassiter: Now I need to know your process. How do we get started?
Shawn: You really wanna know my process?
Lassiter: Absolutely.
Shawn: Usually starts with a Holla! and ends with a creamsicle.
Gus: And then, if there's time in between: Thundercats. Hooooo!

(from Episode 312: Earth, Wind and... Wait for It)

Gus: And they don't even have a Dalmatian here, Shawn!
Shawn: Would you stop with the Dalmatians already?
Gus: I'm just saying, it would be nice to see one in it's natural habitat.
Shawn: They're not indigenous to firehouses, Gus.

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  1. Psych is hilarious. Now I have a craving for some pineapple...